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5th Year Sermon

I delivered this sermon to my classmates in the fall.  I charge all of us to remember the sacredness of accompanying others.

Masters in Nonprofit Management Capstone Project

Wander on Wonder is the organization I created through my capstone process.  After identifying the need in the Jewish community for more adult Jewish retreats, I conducted scholarly research as well as business-oriented research.  Ushered through a business accelerator, I interviewed over 50 people who gave their input on my business model.  I continually adjusted my business model, incorporating the feedback given to me.  What started as a retreat center morphed into a traveling outdoor Jewish education hub. Take a look at my presentation

Invocation Delivered at the Alaska State House

As the student Rabbi in Juneau I was invited to give the opening invocation at the State Legislature.  Here is the invocation I delivered in March 2017.  Unfortunately, you cannot see me, but you can hear me.  

Explaining How to Blow the Shofar

Here is a silly video I made with some classmates explaining how and why we  blow the Shofar.  It was our final project for a class in which we read the Talmud and rabbinic sources about the holiday of Rosh Hashanah and its various practices.  

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