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Interests and Hobbies


Where are you likely to find him?

  • Pretending to read a book on the beach

  • Hiking in the mountains

  • On the frisbee field

  • Slow Cooking in the kitchen

  • Shooting landscape photography

  • On a comfy couch, watching sports or a show that came out 2 years ago on Netflix

Fun Facts

  • Avi likes to wear a watermelon on his head (it’s his kippah)

  • During his last move, he had 14 boxes of books (and the collection has grown)

  • Avi taught preschool for a year

  • One of Avi's superpowers is children sensing his inner child and knowing when it is time to play

  • As a child, he wrote a book about Killer Whales


Favorite books from the last year

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